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blushingmice's Journal

The Blushing Mice
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Blushing Mice Today, Makeup Artists Tomorrow
The Blushing Mice
Since 7th January, 2007
The School of Make-Up
Delfi Orchard #03-01/02/28/29
402 Orchard Road
Singapore 238876
Tel: (65)67370208
Fax: (65)67340208
E-mail: Colours@theschoolofmakeup.com
Website: www.theschoolofmakeup.com
2-way cake, 30 colours palette, 5-in-1 corrector, ampoule, big scissors, blusher, brush on brow, brushes, cake eyeliner, clear mascara, concealer, cream blusher, cream eyeshadow sticks, curl scissors, cuticle nipper, dummy head, duo shader set, dusting powder, eye tape, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, facial mask, false lashes, foundation, glue, h2o powder, hair accessories, hair spray, hair tong, individual lashes, iridescent powder, lipgloss, lipstick, loose powder, mascara, models, mousse, nail colours, perming set, peter angel wanneck xd, puff, shaver, sponge, tower glitter, tweezer